Recordings Of Indeterminate Origin.

Once upon a time, I used to record bands - for fun, if you can imagine that! It was a hobby that was inspired during my post-adolescent tenure in a Minneapolis music venue called The Longhorn Bar & Grill. I would see hundreds of bands in a month, many of which could play hours of their own original material, but for one reason or another, had created very few - if any - physical artifacts of their own art. At the time, I had no idea what it took to create a decent-sounding recording, but the urgency with which so many bands came and went convinced me to just start recording, and I'd figure out the details later.

Yeah, I know, this is the only part of the whole website that some people really care about anyway... what some have referred to in the past as my "bootleg" archives - although, truth be told, we don't really like to use the "B" word around here. If you are here, then presumably, you are a fellow music enthusiast like myself, and at an earlier point in time, we would have had a lot of fun trading recordings like those which used to be listed here.


Many of those recordings were actually obtained with the permission of the artists themselves, and the music belongs to them - or unfortunately, in some cases, their record labels. Some recordings may have been obtained discreetly, but the music still belongs to the artists. In fact, given the advent of modern technology, many of those recordings have actually found their way into the hands of the artists themselves! 2007, due to some unexpected (and unwelcome) outside "promotion" of this part of my site, the plug was pulled on the public display of the audio archives. Since that time, they have been shared with only a select few traders - and some of the artists themselves.

By 2009, after more than a fair share of headaches - largely brought about through dealings with so-called music lovers and admins on various bit-torrent trackers - I made a decision to rid myself of the archives altogether, along with all of the baggage that was attached to it. Unexpectedly, they found their way into the hands of someone who values them perhaps even more than I was able to, and who has taken on the continued responsibility of connecting the recordings with the artists. Whether or not that means they will continue to circulate in trading circles is neither my concern or interest, but the bottom line is that they are no longer available for public perusal - the looking library is gone for good.

This trading stuff was never a business, but a hobby. The only time my recording activities become a business is when someone hires me to record them. As a hobby, I've recorded and traded rare, live and unreleased tapes of musical artists for more than thirty years, and although there have been quite a few bumps in the road, the path I followed has been personally satisfying, for the most part - the only exceptions have been in my dealings with certain other people, who for some reason seemed unwilling to respect the occasional lines which need to be drawn with this sort of thing.

It was never my intent to rip off any of the artists I've recorded, simply to share the music with others who enjoyed this sort of thing as much as I have over the years. Unfortunately, a growing number of modern-day "collectors" have shown little respect with regards to the rights of those who own the copyrights to their music. As of January 2010, the "archives" and I have parted ways, and there is no turning back.

There is an unspoken responsibility that is too often overlooked in taping and trading communities, and part of that requires that people think about more than just themselves. The moral of the story is, the content of this website is mine, and if I don't give you permission to reprint it somewhere - and you choose to do it anyway, then you are the reason that what was once a good thing has now come to an end. After all, if you can't be trusted with something that is blatantly protected by a legal copyright, one can only imagine what you're capable of doing with something that is unprotected. End of story.